Stay in your comfort zone

“Step out of your comfort zone” is a common piece of advice, and a good one to follow.

Doing so helps uncover new opportunities, and learn about our weaknesses or strengths. Likes and dislikes.

Start small

It takes time to develop habits. Some are easier to add to to our daily routines, and some take more self-discipline. Say, exercising. We know it will result in short- and long-term health benefits. But making time for it—alongside (or instead of) other activities we are more accustomed to—takes conscious

Mind input

Every time a non-empowering thought comes to mind, replace it with a more uplifting one. One that’s more aligned with your higher self. Because thoughts matter. It’s like the raw material you put in your mind. And what comes out is largely dependent on that input. What you think transforms

Advice from a fellow traveller

“What’s the one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?” I asked the 86-year old man sat next to me on a recent long-haul flight. I overheard him talking to his wife, and after realizing we share the same mother tongue, I was tempted even more to ask him

15 lessons from Derek Sivers on leadership, values, and not giving a shit

Derek Sivers has been an incredible (virtual) mentor of mine. From reading Anything You Want before starting my first company to learning about Leadership from his Dancing Guy video, he’s been constantly giving me value —and he probably doesn’t even know it himself! Here’s some of the most valuable lessons I’ve

13 things I learned from James Altucher

Audiobooks read by the authors themselves are truly amazing. I even think they are underrated. It’s like the author is sitting in front of you and telling you all he knows. In person. I was listening to Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness on my way home the other night and and


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