Millennials And Their Different Career Expectations

Millennials (or Generation Y) are the current 18 to 30 year olds and in less than 10 years, they will form the majority of the workforce. To be precise, 75% by 2025.

“Why should I care?”, you may ask.

Well, these guys are different. They have different values and traits, especially when it comes to their career. Or as Dan Pink puts it in Drive:

This generation is redefining success and is willing to accept a radically re-mixed set of rewards. They don’t rate money as the most important form of compensation. Instead, they choose a range of non-monetary factors from a great team, to the ability to give back to society through work. And if they can’t find that satisfying package of rewards in an existing organisation, they’ll create a venture of their own.

As a millennial myself, I could not agree more with these statements. Several other studies conducted on this generation in various locations are also in agreement. So do Deloitte and PwC.

So because your future hires care less about salary and more about a “sense of purpose” in their work , forward-thinking employers are starting to adapt their hiring approach to communicate their “why” more clearly.

Here are a couple of steps your organisation can take to join in too:


Every company (regardless of the size or industry) has its own unique culture. Communicate that to your potential employees and let them be the one choosing to work for you.

Not in a texty job ad, but through photos and videos that Generation Y is constantly exposed to on the world wide web. Web pages with videos get 100% more views than those just with text.

Really think about “why should they choose to work for me over the company next door” and clearly communicate that to them.

Transparency pays off… at least when it comes to employment!

Be Where They Are 

Showing more is great, and in fact 86% of UK businesses have made efforts to improve their employer brand one way or another over the past year. Yet most of these initiatives are only showcased on their own career websites. That’s not where millennials spend time!

To attract the new generation of workforce, employers need to be where they are. That is, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and websites with genuinely useful and entertaining content tailored to millennials.

Feature those videos you produced to show what it’s truly like to work at your awesome company where qualified millennials spend time and you’ll see the magic happening: Not only will you end up with more visibility but you’ll also get candidates who already know what it’s like to work at your organisation.

Following these steps will put you in a much better position to receive more qualified applications and eventually better-fitting candidates for that dream team you’re building— both in terms of culture and skillset.

Why? because candidates have already done half the job to screen themselves for your organisational culture and if they apply, it means they really want to be a part of your “why”.

It’s a win-win

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