Start small

It takes time to develop habits.

Some are easier to add to to our daily routines, and some take more self-discipline.

Say, exercising.

We know it will result in short- and long-term health benefits.

But making time for it—alongside (or instead of) other activities we are more accustomed to—takes conscious effort.

And when the effort outweighs the promised benefits (in our minds), we put it off—for a week, a year, or an entire decade!


Here’s an alternative: easing into it.

If 45 minutes in the gym is too big of a commitment, how about 5 minutes?

Set the timer as you walk in, and once it’s at 300 seconds, leave!

Do it for a month, then go up by another 5 minutes every month.

And up we go…


What have you been putting off for a while?

Spend 5 minutes on it right this moment.


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