Stay in your comfort zone

“Step out of your comfort zone” is a common piece of advice, and a good one to follow.

Doing so helps uncover new opportunities, and learn about our weaknesses or strengths. Likes and dislikes.

How do you know if  you like olives if  you’ve never tried?

Yet stepping out too often might mean not paying enough attention to what truly works for us and nurtures our growth.

So get outside your comfort zone, but once you’ve reached a sweet spot, once you’ve found what works for you, it might be a good idea to stay there for a bit. Or as long as needed.

Until it no longer serves you. Or it feels too comfortable for your liking. Then step out again.

Cherish the place you have taken then time to get to.

Keep making choices, push past fears and test limits, and only move forward when you think it’s getting out of sync.

As with most things in life, the key is keeping a balance.


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